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Dumb Real Estate Ads. Volume 1

Welcome to the first volume of Dumb Real Estate Ads. Your go to place for the stupidest or weirdest real estate ads in the Greater Portland area.

This week we are off to Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough and South Portland for some some winners.

First up, Atlantic Place in Scarborough. When your listing a $900+ thousand dollar home, you should at least be able to rotate an image before posting.

Is it really that hard?

Just to prove the point, you do it again

Double down

See 20 Atlantic Place

Next up, 8 Robert Mills Rd in South Portland. The listing agent gets the “Creative Terminology of the Week Award.

Roof type is described as”Other”.

See 8 Robert Mills Road

Finally a quick stop in Cape Elizabeth for a lovely ranch at an affordable, for the neighborhood, price.

That’s all we see for the front

We get multiple pictures of the interior and a couple of the back yard but only the one above of the front of the house. I wonder why? Could it be it’s less than 20′ from the most trafficked road in town?

45 OCH

See 45 Ocean House Road