Primary Resources are used in researching posts wherever possible. These include, but are not limited to:


Property tax rolls. These are a matter of public record. Most communities post this information online. Some are very basic. Some very in depth. It’s wise to check how new the data is as update rates vary.

The Cumberland County Registry of Deeds. It’s a bit cumbersome. You can only search by name. The records go back to the pre revolution era. The effort is worth it.

The City of Portland 1924 tax rolls hosted by the Maine Historical Society at the Maine Memory Network. This is a comprehensive list. Included are scans of the property cards and, most significantly, photos of every structure listed. Check out the Maine Memory Network as they always have great things going on

Find A Grave. A resource for place and date of death along with biographical information and familial connections. As it is a user managed, it should not be considered as a primary source. Information gleaned from the site should be cross referenced to primary sources. Otherwise the information should be treated as anecdotal.

John Calvin Stevens on the Portland Peninsula. 1880 to 1940. Earle Shettleworth Jr. Greater Portland Landmarks Press 2003

Portland Historic Resources Inventory of 1976. Maine Historic Preservation Commission.

The Architecture of Country Houses. Andrew Jackson Downing. 1850. Available in various Dover reprints.

History of Portland. William Willis 1833-34. Revised 1865

Portland Directory 1873. Sylvester Beckett

This was Stroudwater 1727 – 1860 Myrtle Kittridge Lovejoy . 1985 Published by the National Society of Colonial Dames of America in the State of Maine. This organization owns the Tate House.

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