I am a 50ish history and architecture buff who likes to tell stories. I take pictures with my phone so sometimes the images aren’t the greatest. I try to have my pictures show the house as it would be seen from the street or sidewalk. I am telling stories not making art.
I try to follow accepted standards in researching my subjects. I will always say if I feel the information or resource is questionable. I welcome suggested corrections if they can be verified.

I am self-taught. I grew up in a family of builders so it is ‘in my blood’ to some extent. I became interested in architecture in high school. In my 20’s, I spent much of my time in Portland and became aware of the city’s heritage and history in its built environments. As I have gotten older, I have broadened my interests to include urban design and social/economic influences of and on architecture.

Like many people with a passion for something, I found myself wanting to share what I learned with others. Prior to the rise of the Internet, there were few outlets. I was a walking tour guide for a couple of summers and that was enjoyable but it wasn’t quite right.

I finally realized I wanted to tell stories. During the early days of the web, I had a couple of pages devoted to local history. Both now long gone. They were clunky but got me started. A couple of years ago, I started blogging as a way of telling stories. After a couple of less than stellar tries, I developed the format you’re now reading. I hope you find it entertaining and perhaps a bit informative. Please let me know if you like what your reading or if you don’t. I would love to hear from my readers.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Nancy L. Knauber

    Hi, Are you still working on buildings in Portland, Maine? Have you ever considered a volunteer assistant?
    In 1972/3 I with the help of Frannie Peabody, (then involved with Greater Portland Landmarks) reinstated the State of Maine Historic Site, program. At that time I worked at the Park Danforth Home for the Aged; and her aunt lived there and she asked that I give her aunt special attention, which I did. In turn, she told me if she could ever do anything for me to let her know. So, I did.
    At that time (and for 17 years) I lived at 114 Park St., the section of the Park St. Row House at the corner of Park St. and Spring St. I asked her to have it proclaimed a Historic Building which she did. There was some opposition to my request by Mr. Mooney, who was the State of Maine employee who was to administer the program, but in the end, Frannie Peabody won and a proclamation was declared in 1973.
    Sometime after that, I became unemployed, and I did a deed search and a historic search for 114 Park St. Other owners of the Row House became aware of that and I was paid to do the same for their properties
    Now I’m retired, and looking for something to fill my time. That leads me back to my leading question “Have you ever considered a volunteer assistant?”


  2. Nuptial Spectacular!

    Hi! I would be interested in learning more about the history of 154-156 Danforth Street (which is right next to 158 Danforth, which you already researched. It may even be owned by the same landlords!). I used to live there, and it was definitly haunted (by a very angry/negative spirit). I have always wanted to know more about that house and who lived (and died) there. If you’re up for another project, I would love to see what you can find on this house! Thank you!



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