I am a 50ish history and architecture buff who likes to tell stories. I take pictures with my phone. I am telling stories not making art. I try to follow accepted standards in researching my subjects. I will always say if I feel the information or resource is questionable. I welcome suggested corrections if they can be verified.

I am self taught. I grew up in a family of builders so it is ‘in my blood’ to some extent. I became interested in architecture in high school. In my 20’s, I spent much of my time in Portland and became aware of the city’s heritage and history in its built environments. As I have gotten older, I have broadened my interests to include urban design and social/economic influences of and on architecture.

Like many people with a passion for something, I found myself wanting to share what I learned with others. Prior to the rise of the Internet, there were few outlets. I was a walking tour guide for a couple of summers and that was enjoyable but it wasn’t quite right.

I finally realized I wanted to tell stories. During the early days of the web, I had a couple of pages devoted to local history. Both now long gone. They were clunky but got me started.

A couple of years ago, I started blogging as a way of telling stories. After a couple of less than stellar tries, I developed the format you’re now reading. I hope you find it entertaining and perhaps a bit informative. Please let me know if you like what your reading or if you don’t. I would love to hear from my readers.


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