50 Turner Street

Built ca 1895 probably by Ansel & Elmer Doten

A simple Italianate in the Munjoy Hill Historic District. Continue reading

104 Park Street and the Park Street Row

Built in 1835/36 for the Trustees of the Park Street Proprietary. William Dyer & Joshua Haskell masons. Simeon Rice carpenter.

A Greek Revival row house in Park/Pleasant Street Neighborhood. Continue reading

Glimpses. 16 Lincoln Street

Built in 1855 for Rufus D Bean

A transitional Greek Revival-Italianate in the Woodfords Corner neighborhood. Continue reading

198_200 Spring Street

Built ca: 1827-33 by Benjamin Fickett

A much altered Federal in the West End Historic District Continue reading

256 State Street Redux

Built in 1875-76 for William G Hart. Thomas Wildes builder (possibly)

An attractive Second Empire in the Parkside neighborhood. Continue reading

42 Munjoy Street

Built in 1852 by James E Davis

A remuddled Greek Revival in the Munjoy Hill Historic District
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Glimpses. 104 Neal Street

Built in 1892/93 by George E Philbrook

A fascinatingly detailed Colonial Revival in the West End Continue reading

38 High Street

Built ca: 1822-23 by James Crockett

A diminutive Federal in the Danforth Street neighborhood.

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79-81 North Street

Built ca: 1854-55 by Moses Gould

A somewhat ungainly Greek Revival double house in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood

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In Focus: Charles A Alexander. Addendum.

A look at a missed home and a couple that make me go Hmmm

Birds-Eye view of Portland. Library of Congress

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