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West End Walks. 2 interesting little places.

94 Pine Street & 137 Emery Street



A wonderful pair of Queen Anne homes tucked into the corner of Pine & Emery Streets. These are some of the unsung hero’s of the West End

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West End Walks. 380 Danforth Street

380 Danforth Street. The Stick Style refined.

wpid-20150425_103322.jpgJust up the street from 394 Danforth we find another Stick Style home that displays a more refined vision. Where as 394 is positively dripping with details, 380 shows restraint and more developed details. Continue reading

West End Walks. 400 Danforth Street. Harrison Bird Brown house.


Harrison Bird Brown

The name rings large in the 19th Century history of Portland. A noted sea and landscape painter who was born in Portland and died in London, his works are prized today. Bowdoin & Colby Colleges and the Portland Museum of Art all hold his paintings in their collections.  Brown painted and taught on the far west end of Danforth Street. Continue reading