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Glimpses. 51 Tyng Street

Possibly built ca 1810 for Elijah Hossack.

A tattered but solid Federal between Danforth and York Streets

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129 William Street.

Built prior to 1900 by Arthur E Marks

Another house built on spec in Fessenden Park.

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Glimpses. 108 Fessenden Street.

Built ca 1895

A nicely detailed and well preserved Queen Anne in the USM neighborhood.

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Glimpses. 22 Eastern Promenade. By Request

Built ca 1888 by James Polk Jordan.

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Glimpses. 67 Gray Street

The short block of Gray Street from Brackett to Winter is home to an eclectic blend of 19th century houses in varying states of repair.

I, of course, am drawn to the house in the ‘worse’ condition.

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10 Deering Street. The foundation of a long time Portland business just recently demised and a visit from the ‘remuddlers’.

Built in 1864 for Rufus Deering


Yes. That Rufus Deering.

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West End Walks. Neal Street Remuddling

Remuddle, v. (portmanteau from “remodel” and “muddle”), to remodel a building or room in a way that obscures or destroys key aspects of the original design.

141 Neal Street.

Appears to be a single family home on a pretty standard in town lot. The Portland Historic Resources Inventory (HRI) of 1976 lists it as being built for one Edwin A. Boothbay in 1891.The HRI states the style was Queen Anne.
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