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West End Walks. 15-17 Winter Street

The Winter Street neighborhood characterized by brick Federal buildings such as the Danforth Inn along with Victorian era single and multi-family homes. The biggest neighbors are Mercy Hospital and The Irish Heritage Center in the former St Dominic’s Church. Nestled among these buildings is 15-17 Winter Street also known as 52-54 Gray Street. A rather small wooden home that shows an incredible amount of preservation both in the building and the lot on which it stands.

Do red doors still mean the mortgage is paid?

Do red doors still mean the mortgage is paid?

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20 South Street


South Street runs from Pleasant Street to a concrete wall on the edge of Spring Street in Portland’s Gorham’s Corner neighborhood. South Street originally ran from Spring to Free Streets with the current section being laid out around 1830. This is the same time frame that our subject was built. The earliest parts of South Street were removed during the era of Urban Renewal and now lie under the Cross Arena.

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West End Walks. 380 Danforth Street

380 Danforth Street. The Stick Style refined.

wpid-20150425_103322.jpgJust up the street from 394 Danforth we find another Stick Style home that displays a more refined vision. Where as 394 is positively dripping with details, 380 shows restraint and more developed details. Continue reading

West End Walks. 394 Danforth Street



394 Danforth Street.

At the far west end of Danforth Street, just before it dives back down to the water, sit 2 of Portland’s best examples of Stick Style architecture. 394 Danforth is without doubt the most exuberant of the pair. Continue reading

West End Walks. 107 Vaughan Street. A modern vision.


Another house I had failed to notice for 30 years. On my last stroll, I turned the corner of Carroll Street and Vaughan and headed south towards Bowdoin Street. From the corner of my eye I saw the sight above.

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West End Walks. 133 Vaughan Street. Why is this here?


131 Vaughan Street

This is just wrong. Where as 171 Vaughan is notable for it’s size, this is just the opposite. Too small and lacking in any character what so ever. Continue reading