West End Walks. 370 Danforth Street

370 Danforth Street. An aesthetic disaster with a historical precedent.


This is one I have wondered about for some time. What is going on here? Is it a house or just a garage? Who would put such an ugly structure on such a beautiful street?
20150524_080213The satellite dish is a give away to this being a house. Tax records show the structure was built in 1979 and it is in fact a home. From the street all we see is a big garage door, a standard entry door, and a set of double doors about 8 inches off the ground. Very odd indeed.

20150524_080309The sides are no better looking. Old yellow vinyl siding and NO windows at all. Talk about turning your back on the neighborhood.

20150524_080240Nothing to see here either. I am guessing it has a lot of glass on the harbor side but have yet to get a good view of that side of the house. Regardless, this is really a garage and an ugly one at that.

370 Danforth Street in 1924. Maine Memory Network

Now for the historic part. The 1924 tax records show the property was owned by the Sebago Lumber Company and was used as stables and a garage. Some things never change. In 1924, the land was valued at $2431.00, and the building valued at $1235.00. 2014 valuations were $315,000.00 and $111,000.00 respectively.

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