142 Pearl Street. My Favorite Carriage House That’s Not In The West End


I am not sure I can say why, but this little carriage house has always fascinated me. Tucked in behind a somewhat nondescript brick house on Cumberland Ave, this is a cute survivor.

Dating from 1900 according to tax documents, 142 Pearl is a 2 story rectangular box with no windows of any kind on 2 sides. The street has that fabulous arched, story and a half door with the 8 pane sashes and there are some windows on the east, entrance, wall.

It looks like the small window in the second floor has been added whilst the window on the first floor seems to be a filled door way.

As for the modern third story addition, I like it. The use of horizontal metal siding with a, albeit dirty, bronze like finish contrasts but doesn’t contest, with the brick of the lower levels.
The windows state their modern style boldly while giving what must be a fantastic view to the west. The deck is nice but this is not a quiet neighborhood. I wonder how much use it actually sees.

It’s a shame that they have chosen to paint over the bricks. It’s not good for the bricks and the mortar even more so. It also creates an uneven, lumpy, look to the walls that I do not find comforting.

The 1924 tax records show the building to be in a rather run-down condition. The owners were one Fred Johnson then the Danish Building Society. I have never heard of this group before but will certainly be looking to learn more about them. The combined value in 1924 was $500.00.

The current owners are artists.



11.12.16 UPDATE: Old Port Magazine has recently posted an article on this home.

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