Glimpses. 17 Garrison Street.

Built ca: 1786 by William Slemmons

Slemmons operated a grist mill on the Stroudwater River dam behind his home.

The house is a solid mass in the Post Colonial mode with a simple 3 bay wide by 2 deep form. The garage is modern as the tax photo of 1924 shows. The entry is relatively unadorned and the windows have simple caps. The windows are modern 6 over 6 forms with muntons that are far to slim.

Also notable in the 1924 tax photo is what seems to be fairly clear view down to the Fore River. The current growth of trees and shrubs would, it seems, have closed off any such view.

It’s also notable that the chimney on the right side of the house in 1924 is no longer visible on the exterior of the house today. The 9 over 6 window in the side building above is very likely what all the original windows would have looked like.

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