Glimpses. 182 Craigie Street. A home for an architect.

Built by John Howard Stevens in 1904. Enlarged in 1914.

Showing a blend of shingle and arts and crafts style. At the turn of the 20th century, newly married John Howard Stevens purchased a lot in the expanding neighborhoods of Deering. With increasing trolley/omnibus service, these outer neighborhoods became desirable places to live.

John Howard had entered his father’s office directly from high school in 1898 and became a partner in 1904. His new home was one of his earliest ‘solo’ designs. By 1920, John Howard and his wife Agnes would be joined by his father and sister Margaret to create a family compound on Longfellow Highlands.

Pity about the skylights

Pity about the skylights


The 1914 addition is to the left in this image.

182 Craigie Street as-built

182 Craigie Street in 1924

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