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75 Vaughan Street Redux

Built in 1859 for William Goodwin

A quirky Gothic Revival on the corner of Vaughan and Bowdoin Streets

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Glimpses. 151 Vaughan Street

Built ca: 1902 for Fred Richards as a wedding present to Edward and Gertrude Piper.

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West End Walks. 113 Vaughan Street.

Built in 1867 for John Marshall Brown20161112_125834.jpg

Design by Charles A Alexander.

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West End Walks. Carriage houses & garages.


159 Pine Street

An area of architectural design little contemplated in modern times but long an interest of mine. Style and quality range from bland to utilitarian to high style.

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West End Walks. 107 Vaughan Street. A modern vision.


Another house I had failed to notice for 30 years. On my last stroll, I turned the corner of Carroll Street and Vaughan and headed south towards Bowdoin Street. From the corner of my eye, I saw the sight above.

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West End Walks. 133 Vaughan Street. Why is this here?


131 Vaughan Street

This is just wrong. Whereas 171 Vaughan is notable for its size, this is just the opposite. Too small and lacking in any character what so ever. Continue reading

West End Walks. Vaughan Street Jewel Box

171 Vaughan Street.
In all my years of walking, biking, and driving around the West End, I had never paid this little gem much attention. That all changed about a week ago.

wpid-20150402_180239.jpgSeductively small but lavish, the Elizabeth M McDonald Cottage is an unexpected sight in a neighborhood of large mansions. At 1800 sq ft, it is downright tiny by today’s new home standards. Continue reading