West End Walks. 107 Vaughan Street. A modern vision.


Another house I had failed to notice for 30 years. On my last stroll, I turned the corner of Carroll Street and Vaughan and headed south towards Bowdoin Street. From the corner of my eye, I saw the sight above.

Obviously modern but not outrageously so. Worth a closer look.


Very interesting. I like the color and materials. The way it is pushed back on the lot is nice. It seems to reflect the materials and details of the late 19th and early 20th century homes around it whilst proclaiming it’s modernity.
According to the tax records, it was built in 1980. It’s an Acorn house. Acorn is a builder of high-end modular homes based in Acton MA. At just over 2000 square feet, it’s a modest-sized home.

A view of the house from Pine Street

A view of the house from Pine Street

An interesting note, tax records list the owner as an LLC in San Francisco. Here are photos of the house taken in 2009.

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