West End Walks. 400 Danforth Street. Harrison Bird Brown house.


Harrison Bird Brown

The name rings large in the 19th Century history of Portland. A noted sea and landscape painter who was born in Portland and died in London, his works are prized today. Bowdoin & Colby Colleges and the Portland Museum of Art all hold his paintings in their collections.  Brown painted and taught on the far west end of Danforth Street.

wpid-20150425_103851.jpgPresenting a tight, well-contained form with some hints of the fading Italianate style, the home was built for Brown in 1861. One has to wonder, with his artistic talents, what the original colors were. The current colors are mild and unassuming. It is still a single-family home.


The 1924 records show the house owned by one Winthrop Jordan.

Interestingly, the two most recent property records are for 1986 & 2005 for no money.


wpid-20150425_103828.jpgAlso, the stable/garage and studio are extant.


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