West End Walks. 27 Chadwick Street. The Charles B Hinds house

Built in 1917 for the son of Aurelius S Hinds.

A very large Colonial Revival pile designed by George Burnham and Leander Higgins. Situated with its gable to the street as is quite common in the West End, the primary facade addresses the entry court.

And what an entry court it is! Complete with circular drive, parterre & fountain surrounded by a high, clipped yew hedge. Natch.


The house is 3 story rectangle with a balanced but asymmetrical facade. The right bay projects from the block. The porches on the left were originally closed on the first floor and open on the second. The hipped slate roof sports 3 well-scaled dormers with compressed, classical, arched roofs. Just visible above the 2nd story porch is a small, shed-roofed dormer. At first, I questioned its originality to the building. it seems a bit out of place. The 1924 tax photo shows it and makes it even more incongruous looking.

Man, those were some beautiful street lamps.

Man, those were some beautiful street lamps.

The tax photo gives a much better view of the facade. The entry bay has a gentle outward curve more Federal than Colonial. The use of white paint on the bay and all trim brings the feeling back to the Colonial somewhat. The first-floor windows are nicely sized and help the wall to window balance. The right bay is more anomalous than ever. Perhaps the desire was to capture more sunlight on that end. Perhaps it was a desire for more floor space. Whatever the reason, the results are off balance and uncomfortable.


One of the things my modern eye notes about the West End is how these quite large houses are pushed right to the edges of their lots in many cases. The image above shows the back wall of 27 Chadwick on the right. The property line is just to the left of the image. There is no more than 8′ between them. I guess there were no set back rules in early 20th century Portland.

The house remained in the Hinds family until the death of Charles’ wife Augusta in 1989. The current owners purchased the property from her estate.

3 thoughts on “West End Walks. 27 Chadwick Street. The Charles B Hinds house

  1. windridge1

    Please edit with the correct address of the Charles B. Hinds house.
    27 Chadwick Street.
    Perhaps you erred because my grandfather purchased two lots.
    Thank you.
    Hilary Hume Hinds



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