Glimpses. 325 Spring Street

Built in 1856 By Thomas Egan

Design by Thomas Cummings

Thomas Egan was a gas agent when he purchased the lot at 152, now 325, Spring Street from Albert Evens in 1854.  The deed history, a series of transfers to and from Egan and 3 other people over a short time span, kind of makes it look like he may have purchased it primarily as an investment.

Egan hired the Cummings family to design and build the house. The Cummings family were involved in all aspects of home construction from design to materials.

The neighborhood was working-class and Irish Catholic in those days. Most of the lots were narrow and deep with a mix of Greek Revival and Italianate forms filling said lots.

Most of the Cummings work was in brick and leaned towards a Mansart style. Here they produced a fine Italianate house of wood with some of their signature elements included.

The arch-topped windows of the projecting bay and the nicely scaled compressed arch above the second-floor window are things we have seen in Cummings own house on Pine Street and the McGlinchy house.

To say the brackets are ‘unique’ would be a gross understatement. The multiple curves give a sculptural quality to an otherwise commonplace decorative element. I have to wonder where the inspiration came from. Also, was this the client, the architect, or the craftsman speaking? Regardless of who and how they are fabulous.

The house is in very good condition with an appropriate color scheme. The current siding has too much exposure to my eye. A look at the 1924 tax photo shows a narrower exposure which seems a bit more fitting.

It would seem there was a matching porch on the left side as well. No steps to the street here. Also notable is all of the first-floor windows are full height.

Thomas and Sarah Egan sold 325 Spring Street to Jeremiah Mitchell in September of 1858. When they sold, there was an outstanding mortgage, a tax lien, and an attachment from the Cummings family for an unpaid construction bill. All of which Mr. Mitchell assumed as well. With that action, the Egans disappear from the record.

325 Spring Street’s history is much like many others we have seen. Foreclosures and tax liens mark the eras of economic downturn. Wills and quitclaims show families’ efforts to hold onto the property. Sometime around 1900, the rear was added to and apartments rented. Currently, the house is listed as having 9 condominiums.

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