Glimpses. 12 Walker Street

Built ca: 1840


Seated on the corner of Walker and Brackett streets, this is a fairly familiar house for those driving east on Brackett due to a slight kink in the street.

The house is transitional Federal to Greek Revival in style. The main block is a 3 bay square of rather diminutive proportions. It is 2 stories with a garrett. Adjoining this is a rear ell that is nearly as large as the main block.


As noted, the overall layout of the main facade is Federal with it’s clean cut windows and highly symmetrical arrangement. The entrance is quite extravagant.  Fluted columns, that are a bit too narrow,  set on simple plinths showing a diamond molding decoration. The columns are capped with highly modeled corinthian capital. This motif is repeated in the engaged columns on the wall,  The door is framed with a brick header arch that leads to a molded, wooden arch and casement.


The placement of the entrance is very ‘Greek’. Federal style, with it’s rigid symetry, would have called for a central entrance. With the Greek Revival, placement of the entrance on the side of a facade was very much in style. Another characteristic of the Greek Revival is the closed pediment as seen on the Brackett Street facade.

In 1924 the owner was one Carrie Welch. Welch had purchased the property from Alice Marr in 1920, Alice having inherited it from her late husband who had inherited it from his father. As part of the deed from Alice to Carrie is the following

“the double windows so called and window screens for house are hereby conveyed. The grantor reserves the right to remove within three months from this date the window shades and such plants and shrubs as she may desire”

I hope she got her shades.

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