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West End Walks. 4 Orchard Street

Update 6.24.16: Having found a new resource on architects practicing in Portland, I can now state the architect of this house was James P Thomas. Thomas was a grandson of the noted William Widgery Thomas and a graduate of Harvard University. Thomas played a big role in public and residential architecture in Portland during the turn of the 19th/20th centuries.

Having highlighted the entry in the first Portals post, I think it’s time to take a closer look at this house. A product of a booming era, the home has some wonderful architectural details combined with a bit of interesting history.

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New Series. Portals

Welcome to Portals. A new series where I will focus on doorways. Primarily entryways but they could be side or back doors. They will be presented with a minimum of text. I hope you enjoy them.

 1 Orchard Street


5 Orchard Street


 32 Orchard Street



29 Orchard Street