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Glimpses. 104 Neal Street

Built in 1892/93 by George E Philbrook

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Glimpses. 100 Neal Street

Built in 1898 for Albert H Hinds. Design by John Calvin Stevens

A charming Queen Anne in the West End Historic District

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West End Walks. 143 Pine Street. A home for an architect.

Built in 1863 by Thomas Cummings father and son.

The elder Cummings was an architect in Portland.

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West End Walks. Carriage houses & garages.


159 Pine Street

An area of architectural design little contemplated in modern times but long an interest of mine. Style and quality range from bland to utilitarian to high style.

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West End Walks. Neal Street Remuddling

Remuddle, v. (portmanteau from “remodel” and “muddle”), to remodel a building or room in a way that obscures or destroys key aspects of the original design.

141 Neal Street.

Appears to be a single-family home on a pretty standard in town lot. The Portland Historic Resources Inventory (HRI) of 1976 lists it as being built for one Edwin A. Boothbay in 1891. The HRI states the style was Queen Anne.
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